Semuliki National Park in Uganda

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park covers an area of 220km2 and is one of Africa’s most biodiversity hotspots and is particularly known for its birds species, commanding more than 441 recorded, representing 40% of Uganda’s birdlife, 46 Guinea-Congo biome species are not found anywhere else in East Africa and 5 species are endemic to the Albertine rift ecosystem. Stretching from the greater Ituri and Congo basin, Semuliki contains more than 336 tree species, wonderful herds of mammals, birds, butterflies and the forest is dominated by forest, ironwood, wetland, savannah woodland ecosystems. Semuliki National Park, worldly known as moist semi-deciduous forest and the only true lowland tropical forest in East Africa, harbors 53 mammals including forest elephants, forest buffaloes smaller than their savannah relatives, Hippos, crocodiles as well as primates, including chimpanzees, central African red colobus, blue monkeys, Dent’s mona monkey, de Brazza’s monkey, velvet monkeys, grey-cheecked mangabey among others, above all are the famous nocturnal primates including potto and bushbaby.


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