Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to operate tourism based on eco & responsible tourism principles;

  1. To benefit and empower local people;

  2. To conserve and protect our environment;

  3. To enrich visitors experience;

  4. To reduce and or mitigate tourism impacts.

We do this through our eco and responsible tours we offer, and due to these tours, jobs are created for local people in places we visit, and through our direct projects with local people, lives are saved through our empowerment programs; linking local people to tourism business and how to benefit from them thereby creating local entrepreneurship; linking visitors to local people to share insights and experiences thus enriching visitors experience beyond the usual nature experience but by a people, nature, and cultural experience and above all having in place codes of conduct to limit tourism impacts; and contributing back to conservation, environment and local people to enable us all to conserve for generations.

At Green Journeys we recognize that there is a dependent relationship between the renewal of our most precious natural resources – the mountain gorillas, the primates, the wildlife, cultural diversity – and the ability of Rwanda’s local people to get a direct benefit from tourism. Our goal is to link tourism and conservation with an economic rationale that will act as an incentive for local communities around national parks, who suffer the cost of park existence, to not just tolerate, but proactively protect the park. To this end we donate 10% of our profits to special programs within the local communities surrounding the parks.

We aim to help re-invent the tourism industry for the long-term benefit of local people, the environment, travelers and the tourism industry. The entire premise of our business is to market and distribute more responsible holidays, thereby creating more jobs for local people, greater income for local people and increased benefits for conservation, whilst at the same time minimizing negative impacts on local environments and cultures.

As tourism becomes a truly global industry, we recognize our obligation to operate our tours in a responsible and sustainable fashion. We view this not only as an environmental issue but an economic and social one as well. Above all we are committed to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts and the natural environment that we are there to experience