The presence of wildlife in our world is a treasure, one that we will never be able to reclaim if it disappears.

Having been born and grown up in remote places and seeing inspirational wildlife, we want to take you there, show and share with you the off the usual tourist track journey that will give you that experience you will look back and say, oh yes I had a good learning experience. We take you to local places, meet local people, share local culture, local food, local stories, local dreams and learn local ways of living, compare cultures and what life is at the far end of the word, and take home love, friendship. . We want you to enjoy home as much as we do, and when you return home, you will not only cherish the experience, but you will have another home, brothers and sisters, that you can always return to visit. We therefore combine our experience, knowledge and expertise with your travel dreams and wishes to take you to a perfect green journey that will always live with you.


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10% for

conservation and community Development

Iby'wacu Cultural Village

Above your experience, Green Journeys Africa came from our firm thinking and commitment that we all owe our mother earth, but simply do less or nothing. In line with this, we thought if we all and travellers tried to minimize negative environmental and social impacts of our travels and we strive to give back to people and places we visit, then there is a high chance of conserving both natural and cultural wonders. We therefore make sure that your visit contributes positively to both conservation and local community sustainable development.

We give back 10% of our proceeds back to conservation and community developments and we take you to see how your travel with us gives back to both causes. We work with communities to start community owned and run enterprises and strive to train them in management so that these enterprises are sustainably managed.